How to get perfect skin in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond

Because glassy, smooth, fresh complexions never go out of style!

Here's the deal. I am grown up. I'm well and truly into my 40s and as such my skin needs and concerns have changed.

In my early 20s I was concerned with the odd breakout and a smattering of freckles. In my 30s my skin started showing signs of rosacea and flushing. Today, fine lines and wrinkles are the bane of my life and a slight lack of volume. So I am well across the fact that skin changes and so do our needs.

Accordingly so do the treatments and products we use - or they ought to.

Despite having been a beauty director for more years than I care to count - I am not always sure what I should be doing to create my dream complexion, that is one which is smooth, soft and clear. Right when I think I know what I should be doing my needs change do the products and treatments available. To get around that issue, I regularly catch up with professionals in the field so I can stay completely up to date.

Recently I dropped into White Hill Medispa, a seriously chic skin clinic where the staff are well versed in all things beautiful skin. In fact if you go there get ready to come face to face with some of those most beautiful complexions you've ever seen. The staff here clearly practise what they preach.

Anyway, I underwent a 10 per cent lactic acid peel while in the luxe surrounds of the White Hill Stanmore Clinic and while my skin was whipped into creamy, clear perfection, I asked the following skincare care questions for women of all ages ... and the answers were in-depth and also, fascinating.

After glass-like skin of your own? Then keep on reading.

Everyone is all about perfect skin right now - is it actually achievable or are we dreaming?

Maybe not at the click of a finger ! But in time YES! Some people need a little more treatment and time to get there if they aren’t genetically blessed. But they will get there with a little dedication and hard work.

So age changes everything ... Can you tell us what you need in your 20s, 30's, 40's and beyond?

20’s: Sunscreen, good hygiene, wear as little make up as possible and stick with a gentle skin care routine. When you do have a breakout, try an acid peel. If your skin gets dry: consider a lactic acid treatment and also microdermabrasion. Don't use harsh chemicals or too many active ingredients, they will throw your young supple skin out of balance.

30’s: Wear sunscreen so you don’t get pigmentation. Also use quality skincare with active ingredients like Vitamin A. We love Rationale's Catalyst Serum, $160. If you're concerned about fine lines and wrinkles and lack of volume consider anti-wrinkle injections and also dermal fillers. And at this age a regular regime of micro-needling is a good idea too.

Rationale Catalyst Serum


Also find a clinic that offers the lot and can manage your skin through all of life's cycles, especially prior, during and after pregnancy when your skin may change in surprising ways. Get an awesome night cream, and RELAX when you can. Often our clients in their 30's are deal with significant life stressors and their skin can reflect this.

40's and 50's: Skin needling, acid treatments such as a lactic acid peel or a Jessner peel are great options for removing any pigment formed in your 30’s (or even earlier). At this age you'll likely benefit from anti-wrinkle injections too.

Strong active ingredients in your night routine such as Retinol, also a quality moisturiser during the day to make your skin look plump. We love Dr Spiller Collagen Cream, $126. It is AMAZING! Regular chemical peels are a great option for this age group too. Vampire Facials too and also Fat Transfers too. When you hit these decades it's all about plumping your skin and reversing any fat lost from your face.

Dr Spiller Collagen Cream


What are you being asked for most currently?

Pigment reduction treatments! So we do A LOT of Pyruvic acid peels! They're quick, comfortable and effective.

And given we're talking peels (and I am actually having one right this second), how have they changed during the years?

Today they have lower dosage active ingredients. This means you have them more regularly rather than just once every six months or so a lot of women get them every two to six weeks.

That does amazing things for the skin and here at White Hill Medi Spa we also ensure you have a truly relaxing experience thanks to massage and aromatherapy during treatments. The relaxation part of the treatment is very valuable too.

Kelly Baker

No makeup but much glow thanks to White Hill Medi Spa. Image: Instagram/@The_beautyinsider


There is also a wider range of peels that are more gentle today. For example we stocked a 50 per cent lactic acid acid peel 10 years ago ... it was designed to treat excessively dry, sun-damaged skin. Today you can get Pyruvic acid peels in just 10 per cent so they're far more gentle and yet very effective.

We offer Rationale chemical peels which have active ingredients from two to 20 per cent. These are terrific treatments that mean you have NO downtime. And in recent years we have seen the rise of the Medi Spa. This means you can get a peel in an environment that's clinical, but also warm and luxurious. You have your treatment but also get a massage and a comfy bed.

What kind of results can we expect?

No downtime and you walk with a heavenly glow. Three days after your peel your skin have reduced pigmentation, be deeply hydrated and look more fresh and plump and lovely.

NB: This is exactly what happened to me. My skin was heavenly when I reluctantly left White Hill. And three days later I was showing off the most glass-like, clear skin I have ever experienced. In fact I plan to get back in there ASAP. Maybe see you there! 

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