How To Get Fillers And Botox So You Look Fresh BUT Natural

Because youthful is gorgeous – but frozen is not

Image: Instagram/@Halleberry

Just the other week I announced it was time to get a hit of Botox. My BF declared this would be a mistake. Firstly, he said, I didn’t need it. And secondly he didn’t want me to look unnatural.

Bless his big naive heart because the truth of the matter is, I’ve been using muscle freezers such as Botox and also, fillers, on and off for some 10 years or more. And I’m confident (till they wear off anyway as had clearly happened at this particular time) they have made me appear younger yet also, entirely natural.

Of course, my BF is not the only one who is misinformed when it comes to these two styles of anti-ageing treatments. Despite being common in Australia, it’s not widely known that each treatments works in vastly different ways. Also, many, including my BF, seem convinced that muscle freezers and fillers make you look fake.


The incredible Halle Berry – she’s 51 you know … For real! Image: Instagram/@Halleberry


So let’s get that sorted shall we?

In a nutshell, muscle freezers such as Botox and Dysport (the two most commonly known brand names) are injected into muscles which over the course of the next three to five days become paralysed. When this happens expression lines such as ‘crow’s feet’ (at the outside corner of the eyes) and frown lines (across the forehead) are instantly removed.

When the treatment wears off (generally about 10 to 12 weeks although some people find the effects last considerably longer) the muscles kick back into gear and the lines reappear.

Fillers are viscous substances (you may have heard of popular ones Juvederm and Restylane) that are injected into areas that traditionally hollow with age such as the temples and the tear trough (the area under the eye). Given they provide volume, it’s fillers that are also used to create more prominent cheekbones and fuller lips.

They can last up to 18 months depending on the type and also, the area injected.

Today, both muscle freezers and fillers continue to advance so that in the hands of a skilful cosmetic doctor they can be used to provide a youthful yet truly natural look. Talented doctors are now more aware of how much product to use and where exactly to place it.

Plus, fillers, such as Emervel, one of the latest to hit the market, now come in different thicknesses so that injectors have the option to choose the right type for specific areas of the face whereas in the past that wasn’t necessarily the case.

This development is of significant importance, says Sydney-based cosmetic practitioner Dr Van Park.

“Although there is growing acceptance of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Australia, there is still a lot of confusion about the different options available as well as concerns that treatment may result in looking overdone or plastic,” says Dr Park, whose clientele include the country’s most well-known actresses, models and women about town.

“In my experience, tailored treatments that target different areas of the face achieve the best, natural-looking results.”


Image: Instagram/@Halleberry Fresh? Hell yes. She couldn’t get any fresher.


The trick of course is finding a doctor who understands you prefer a natural look and that you don’t want to look like anyone but yourself. Tracking

such a doctor down requires some homework, says Dr Joseph Hkeik, of All Saints Skin Clinics.

Firstly, they should be appropriately qualified. (In Australia, doctors can provide both muscle freezers and fillers. Trained nurses can also inject under the guidance of a doctor.)

They should talk to you about what your concerns are and also, give you a careful assessment lasting at least 15 minutes.

If you know someone who can give a personal recommendation that’s also a good sign, says Dr Hkeik.

“If you have a friend who looks beautiful and fresh and also completely natural ask if they’re getting any treatments,” he suggests.

“Then, find out where they’re going. A personal recommendation is always a good thing.”

You can also try the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia at or 1300 552 127.

The CPCA urges anyone considering procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers to always speak to a registered doctor with experience in this area.

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