Easy ways to green your life today

Because you know you want to and like we said - these are EASY!

Greening your life is a noble pursuit. And it's one we all want to embrace.

And yet - plenty of us don't. The reason? Well, it seems like hard work frankly and accordingly, so many of us decide not to make the effort at all.

But here's the truth of the matter - you can green your life and very, very easily. Indeed, you can make a significant difference to your health, your life and even the planet on which we live, by making not too much effort at all. Sound good? We thought so.

Here, eight incredibly easy changes you can make right this very second as advised by Rebecca Veksler, the founder of Sol Cups, the sweet, and very pretty coffee cups that you can re-use, re-use and yes - re-use! You ready? We thought so.

Rebecca Veksler

A planet-loving Rebecca with her Sol Cup. Image: Instagram/@Rebeccaveksler


One - Buy the misshapen fruit and vegetables from the grocery store.

Two - Donate or resell your clothes instead of throwing them out.

Three - Start an urban garden – by purchasing a herb plant instead of herbs wrapped in plastics.

Four - Purchase reusable glass containers for lunches (eliminate cling wrap and single use forks/ spoons/ knives).

Sol Cups

Pretty in pink - plus good for you and the planet. Image: Instagram/@Solcups_UK


Five - Stop using coffee pods. This is one that people always seem to overlook in their morning state of caffeine deprivation. These little pods aren’t recyclable or biodegradable.

Six - Stop using single use take away coffee cups and plastic drink bottles. No Sol Cup, no coffee. Make it a rule.

Seven - Pour old water into plants or outside on the grass instead of down the sink.

Eight - Research more into sustainable and ethical beauty brands for makeup, accessories and clothes.

Yes. It's that easy. Do all that and you're changing not only your life but your planet AND for the better.



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