The Simple Guide To Getting Eyeshadow Right

Follow these steps and never get it wrong again!

Kaia Gerber. Shot Keith Kandell for YSL Beaute.

Oh lord. Applying eyeshadow looks so easy online and in pictures but it isn't always the case. Some of us find applying eyeshadow dead tricky. So much so that we skip it altogether despite yearning to give it a try.

This is why we're publishing this story right here - right now. So you can follow these incredibly easy steps and create the perfectly defined eye look right this very minute. Well, in a couple of minutes anyway.

Are you ready? Yes? Then let's do this.

Beautiful eyes coming right up!

Image: Pinterest. Beauty. By Ella.

Image: Pinterest. Beauty. By Ella.


Step One.

Sweep a neutral eye shadow ever the entire eyelid almost to the brown bone. Take a slightly darker shade and apply it in a line along the lower lash and out to the corner with a slight up turn at the tail.

Step Two.

Draw a line with the same shadow along the eyelid crease and out to the corner. Angle it down slightly to meet its mate.

Step Three.

Apply a slightly darker shadow again. Colour in the corner triangle shape.

Step Four.

Apply a light creamy shadow to the inner half of the moveable lid. Work it into the eye crease and slightly above also.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest. Beauty. By Ella.


Step Five.

Blend with a brush or the tip of a finger. Go easy now.

Step Six.

Apply a rich Kohl liner along the upper lash line and out to the corner angling up. Apply a smidge to the outside quarter of the lower lash line. Have the lower line join the upper line.

Step Seven.

Apply a rich, black mascara. Allow to dry - apply a second coat and voila. You are perfect.

NB: That Kohl liner can be trickier than it looks so you can skip that step if you like. That said, it does look amazing when you get it right so have a go. You will get there eventually - promise.


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