Five minutes with … Hair guru Tabatha Coffey

Reality TV star, stylist and straight shooter

She’s the superstar stylist known for her outspoken and forthright opinions. We’d love her just for that but she can also whip up a hairstyle so beautiful it will take your breathe away. The US-based Tabatha Coffey flew into Australia recently where she wowed crowds at Hair Expo Australia. Plus, she spoke to us. #girlcrush

We’ve got makeup. Hair … That important?

Hair is your best accessory. If it doesn’t look good, you don’t feel good. But if we have a good hair day, we have a good day all round. You can wear the world’s most daggy outfit, but if you’ve got great hair – you’ll feel like you’ve got it going on.

Okay, we’re teasing. Of course it’s important. What styles will we be seeing this Autumn/Winter?

We’re seeing a lot of heavier fringes coming in. It’s got a 60s, early 70s vibe to it. Hair isn’t as straight anymore – it’s got a little bit more texture to it, it looks relaxed and lived in.

What if I’m hopeless at hair? Any simple styles everyone can manage?

If you’re really hopeless at doing your hair then a great haircut is priority No One. If you have a great haircut then you’re halfway there – you need a great shape as a starting point. The second most important is great products. You don’t need to fuss with stylers and curlers if you have quality products.

Or try a braid – they’re so on trend right now or even a sleek ponytail with a bit of body.

My hair is dry and flat. What I want is silky smooth and glossy …

Start by using a protector spray if you’re using a flat iron or styler. Use a mask weekly and also ask your stylist about an intensive moisture treatment next time you’re in the salon.

I want long hair! But it doesn’t seem to want to grow past my shoulders … Am I imagining things? How do I make it happen?

Make sure you trim, even if it’s every three months to ensure you’re cutting the ends off. Make sure you take care of it and be patient! You need to be patient to go through the whole hair growth cycle and for some people that just takes a long time.

Short hair is less work – true or false? And why?

Totally false! Short hair is really unforgiving. When it grows, the cut loses it’s shape much quicker than most of the longer styles. If you’ve got long hair you can chuck it up in a ponytail or put a cute braid in or throw it in a bun. When you’re a short haired girl you don’t have those options. If you’ve got short hair, the key to keeping it looking great all the time is getting it styled on time.

How do I know what style will really suit me?

Consulting with a professional is really helpful, however you also need to be honest. You’re not going to look like Kim Kardashian without a lot of money and a lot of plastic surgery. We have to be realistic about our expectations. If you have baby, fine hair, you can’t look at a picture and expect to have thick, voluminous hair – that’s just not your hair type. So it’s being honest, consulting a professional and also being honest about the work you want to put into it. We can all have pretty fabulous hair we spend the time and effort that required. A lot of us just don’t have the time or the patience to do that.

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