Fitness Blogger Karina Irby Shares Unfiltered Pic Of Her Bottom And We LOVE It

Bodacious, bold and beautiful – yes, it’s Karina Airby’s butt

Image: Instagram/@Karinaairby

Fitness guru Karina Irby just shared a pic of her bottom  to her Instagram feed.

No big deal – she does it often – but this one was completely natural. No filter, no re-touching. Just Karina’s amazing booty in all its natural glory – cellulite, eczema and all.

Does the bikini designer look amazing? Damn straight she does. Plus, she’s making women worldwide feel better about their own flaws and we’re loving her for it.

The post, which has been liked 60,000 times already and attracted close to 1500 comments, was raw and emotional and just wonderful. Much like Karina’s figure frankly.

Image: Instagram/@Karinaairby


Karina, who has 750,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that posting the image was difficult for her.

“This photo is hard for me to post,” she wrote.

“One of my goals this year is to create normality to a few seriously common things people worldwide are dealing with day to day.

“For me this eczema and cellulite and together they’re not the most flattery (sic) combo.”

Karina went on to say that her angry skin and dimples were normal and she wanted to raise awareness of that fact. She also revealed she wanted to support other women who might be feeling self-conscious and covering up saying they’re not alone.


Image: Instagram/@Karinaairby


“When I was a teenager I felt so alienated, unhappy and self-conscious,” wrote Karina.

“I felt so alone and that no-one knew what I had to deal with every day. Little did I know that I had an entire community behind me. I just needed time to grow and realise it.”

The bikini model then went on to say that if anyone else was feeling the same she understood and they had her full support.

It’s not the first time Karina has been frank about how much re-touching and editing goes on behind the scenes of almost all bikini shoots and how most models images are heavily edited. But it’s one thing to talk about it and quite another to post the images.

That takes courage. It’s important. That might sound vacuous – there are bigger issues at play out there in the world. But body image and self esteem can make or break lives so frankly – this is a big moment and we’re so here for it.

Yes, we’ve been fans of Karina’s for a long while now, but we’re loving her all the more for taking this step.


Image: Instagram/@Karinaairby




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