Expert-Approved Hair Tips That Will Change EVERYTHING

Okay, maybe not everything but definitely your hair and that’s almost everything …

Image: ELEVEN Australia

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – when your hair is gorgeous, life is GOLDEN. Okay, well maybe not quite golden, but a whole lot closer to it than when your hair is a mess. Here, some fabulous tips, tips and techniques from the world’s best stylists.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Yes, your mother might have wanted you too, but cutting back on the daily shampoo can make hair easier to manage in the long-term.

“Second day hair gains more weight and texture, giving it just the right volume, particularly if you want to wear a loose chignon or messy top knot,” says Virginie Gayssot, head educator for Franck Provost.

“Really clean hair can often be too slippery to style effectively,” says Virginie.

“If you’re worried about an oily scalp, wash your hair the night before or use styling dust to blot away any oil and create volume at the roots. And if your ends are looking a bit scruffy one day in, use a smidge of hair oil on the tips to smooth out any frizz.”

Try Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder, $39. We also love John Frieda Frizz Ease 6-Effects Serum, $16.99.

Find a Stylist Who Gets You

Tracking down a hairdresser that you click with can be tricky. Star stylist Tabatha Coffey, recently in Australia for Hair Expo, suggests asking around, even going so far as to approach women in the street. Then, ‘go to your salon of choice and book a consultation.’
“It’s a great way to try before you buy,” she says.
You wouldn’t just go have surgery without first meeting with and talking to your prospective surgeon, says Tabitha.
“You’d have a conversation first … do that with a stylist too.”

Tabatha Coffey knows a thing or two about hair.


Know What Works For You

If long hair is what you love best, don’t cut your hair super short. Yes, it might be cool right now and Katie Perry might look killer with it, but if it’s not you then it’s not going to suddenly become you just because it’s in fashion this season. Instead, talk to your trusted stylist about wanting a change and see what they suggest.

“Your stylist will be able to give you some options that will satisfy your craving for a dramatic change without compromising the style you love,” says Anthony Nader of RAW in Sydney’s Surry Hills. An on-trend fringe for example. This will make you look completely different and yet can be grown out without too much drama.

Anthony Nader with client Miranda Kerr.


Eat Well And Don’t Stress (Much)

George Giavis, of the Sydney celebrity hair haunt The Blonde Room, says he has noticed hair loss and thinning has become an increasing problem during the past decade or so. The issue has become so noticeable that he has begun stocking two different hair ranges that promise to address these concerns by effectively turning back the clock for hair.
George’s feeling is that this phenomenon is directly related to our increasing levels of stress and also, poor diet. If you’re concerned consider you might also to visit with your GP. He or she can rule out any underlying medical condition such as vitamin deficiency or thyroid disfunction.




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