Did Somebody Say Beer? And Excuse Me But Was It A Hairdresser?

And this beer – they want us to do what with it?

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There’s nothing quite like a cool beer on a hot day. We recommend it – heartily. We also recommend this clever new range from Redken Australia. Yes, it’s REDKEN BREWS: a collection of beer-inspired, malt-infused haircare formulas, colour, styling, beard and skin solutions.

Designed to appeal to the modern man, REDKEN BREWS has a whopping 23 products for the hair, skin and scalp. That’s a lot of products. Do guys really need that many? Last we checked they were getting by with a bar of soap and water and feeling pretty fine about it thank you.

We were a little baffled. Have men changed? Apparently yes. Yes, they have and they are all about grooming from top to toe. To learn a little more about this phenomenon we spoke to Karen Strano, Redken Australia’s National Education Manager.

This range … it came about how?
Redken’s heart beats through innovation, inspiration and fashion. Because of these things, we need to be ever evolving to market needs.
Developed by our New York HQ for a growing market demand ‘Mens Grooming’ inspired by NYC Barbers & Brews, the collection provides an exciting opportunity for the salon business to elevate in services to this rapidly growing mens market.


Another gratuitous pic of a hot guy. Oh come on … it’s our turn.


There are so many products on the market already. Why launch this one?
Redken Brews is unique due to the diversity in the collection, suiting all mens grooming styles. The products are designed to be intermixable and flexible for men so they can create their own unique style.

Brews? The name? The concept … please explain …
Brews has been created to capsulate the finest ingredients to create the most premium grooming products for men. One of these ingredients is malt, a key ingredient in the haircare and body range, creating hydration.

Brews was Inspired by the distillery process which ensures the ingredients are extracted in their most premium state – the premium ingredients are then added together to create the finest of product.


The range … EXTENSIVE and also excellent.


Do men actually care about this stuff?
Absolutely! Men love to keep their look updated and now-days, men are typically spending more time visiting barbers and hairdressers (on average, every four weeks) – this leads us to understanding men are taking more care of their hair. Also, our research tells us 5/10 men walk away with 1-3 retail professional products recommended after a grooming service – another indication they care.

Is that interest a new thing?
I think men have been thirsty for something they can do to care and pamper themselves and now they have it at “the barbers”.

A hair tip for the fellas please …
If you’re not shampooing your hair every 2 -3 days, use a deep cleansing shampoo to cleanse the scalp once a week. The scalp is skin, so if a female left her makeup on for week, could you image what this would do to the complexion?

Also, a grooming tip in general if you could?
Know your look and own it.
If you haven’t before used multi products, learn to layer a few products to get the hold, shape and finish you want, you will achieve a better result and it will look better for longer,.
Don’t give up if you’re challenged by the above, it gets easier with practice so don’t give up after one attempt.


Maybe he uses it? Maybe not. But look at him! Image: Instagram/@Chrishemsworth


Please finish this sentence … A woman likes a man who … 

Cleans the kitchen, dresses well and looks good no matter where  he is. I was once told by a male that the secret male motto is “ always look your best and always be prepared”

Can women use this range? (Or is that just greedy?)

They could! I have used the hairspray and it’s brilliant.

Does men’s hair differ to women’s hair in any way and if so how?

Like women, men have fine, medium, or course hair, straight, curly, or frizzy hair. Women were able to disguise it more through styling, but now Redken Brews gives men a chance to control, style and change their hair style.

Why will men love this range?
They wil be able to create their own unique Brew (their own unique styling range using the Brews that suit them best) just for them! There are no limits.

So there you are. We were wrong. Men LOVE this stuff. And look, we love them. So, you know … welcome aboard the beauty train fellas. Let’s be friends.

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