Crimping: The 80’s Hair Style You Thought You’d Never See Again Is Back

Here’s how to create this retro hair look today

Texture and crimping is definitely back, but not as you know it. According to ghd global ambassador Adam Reed, the modern-day version is softer and more subtle than back in the day, which means it’s infinitely more wearable.

All the same – it’s still crimping.  And this is how to make it work.

Firstly, says Adam, you need to ensure you don’t crimp ALL of your hair (so retro, and not in a good way).


“Instead, experiment with different sections for a dual texture texture effect,” says Adam.

“Crimping is one of those trends that everyone is scared of, but it never truly goes away.”

Given that, we should probably all learn how to make it work.

You can crimp a section of hair, as per Adam’s suggestion, or, if you just fancy some volume, crimp the roots of your hair. It provides amazing oomph and va va voom. That’s hair speak for big! And also, lovely.



“Crimping is a session stylist’s secret to creating incredible volume and big hair,” reveals Adam.

“We all carry a crimper in our kit as they’re incredible for adding volume and texture.”

So now you know. Crimping. How about that?

The ghd contour professional crimper, $169. 

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