Coconut Oil Beauty Brand Kopari Has Arrived And We’re #Excited

Coconut oil is the ultimate multi-tasker and this is why says Beauty writer Aimee Wice.

Image: Instagram/@Koparibeauty

Coconut oil burst onto the beauty stage about a decade ago and it’s been squarely in the spotlight ever since. And fair enough too. This all-natural oil drenches skin in moisture while adding luminosity and it comes with a dreamy, holiday-happy scent to boot. It’s easy to see why we’re still loco for coco (sorry, had to).

While a good ol’ grocery store tub of coconut oil is just perfect for making popcorn and tropical dishes you need to step it up a notch before you apply it to your skin. There’s a swag of coconut-based beauty buys available today but our current fave is San Diego-based coconut oil-based skincare brand Kopari Beauty. This range is simple yet killer effective and truly awesome news – Kopari has finally arrived at beauty department store Sephora. Like we said, we LOVE this brand.

Clearly we know all about it. But just in case you don’t – here’s a few details from Kopari founder Gigi Goldman.

Image: Instagram/@Koparibeauty


Tell me a little bit about your background and how you started Kopari Beauty?

I was a stay-at-home mum and started using coconut oil in my cooking routine because I was very focused on health and wellness for my whole family. I began applying it as a moisturiser on myself, my kids and even my 86-year-old Dad and for no reason except it was convenient. I had read about the benefits, but could not believe the soothing and hydrating results. My skin was glowing!

I also loved the fact that it was a true multi-tasker. It soon became my beauty go-to, and a staple on my bathroom vanity. But the coconut oil in the grocery store wasn’t cutting it. So, I searched the globe for the most premium coconut oil on the planet for beauty use. We discovered it on small family farms in the Philippine Islands. It just melts onto your skin, absorbs really well, and smells like a dream. And Kopari Beauty was born!

Kopari Coconut Melt, $30. Ideal for all hair and skin types, including dry skin, eczema-prone skin, and chemically-treated hair, this lavish oil is loaded with fatty acids to seal in moisture and lauric acid to combat inflammation.

Can you share with me your process in creating the collection and the reason for each product?

Coconut is at the heart of every product, and we use every part of it including the oil, water, shell and the milk. We make products that align with coconut’s natural uses. Because of its versatility, we have created products for skin, body and personal care. Coconut oil is amazing for the skin and hair because it has one of the highest fatty acid concentrations of any oil. And they are the good fats like capric and lauric acids that are antimicrobial and antibacterial, so it is very soothing for the skin.

Image: Instagram/@Koparibeauty – in fine company.

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