Celebrity Stylist Marie Uva On Style, Stars And Dead Sexy Hair

The celebrity hairdresser spills … get ready!

Image: Instagram/@Marieuva

Celebrity stylist Marie Uva is the Director of UVA Salon. She’s also the Creative Colour Director for Wella. Oh … and she’s an Ambassador for ghd and Amazing Hair too. She’s a favourite of model and media personality Bec Judd. And Elyse Knowles. Also Jesinta Campbell. And Jennifer Hawkins. Wait – did we mention Megan Gale? Yep – Megan too. And many, many more but you get the picture and you haven’t got all day. The fact of the matter is, the woman is a celebrity favourite. And yet, on top of all that celebrity stuff, she’s still an ace chick.

Celebrity stylist yes, but the stardom has not, has never, and will never, go to Marie Uva’s head. And we can’t help but love her for that. More importantly though she’s killer with the tools and tongs (hence the celebrity tag). So when we got the chance to snag five minutes of her time we snatched it up.

We learned some important things too – not only about her hair trends and what looks are hot right now – but how to pursue a career dream and make it a reality.

Image: Instagram/@marieuva Yes, it’s glamour girl Bec Judd. Hair by Marie.


You fell in love with hair because …

I have always been passionate about hair, as a kid I used to cut my barbies hair and later on in life I would cut my friends hair (untrained) in high school!

From that realisation you did what …

I followed my dream of becoming a hairdresser. I started an apprenticeship and worked super hard. I entered every award possible to generate exposure. This exposure lead to my amazing clientele and the opening of UVA Salon.

Today you are …

Working in and managing my dream salon – UVA Salon. We were just named Australian Salon Team of the Year at the recent Australian Hair Expo Awards 2018, which was an extremely rewarding moment and one which made me very proud. I also do lots of celebrity hair work and hold ambassador roles with Wella, GHD and Amazing Hair.

Image: Instagram/@marie uva. Come on down Olympia Valance.


You tend to many celebrities … the look they’re leaning to currently is?

Textured and messy, but I tend to work with their personal brand as well.

Your fave A-Lister to work with is … because …

I love working with them all it is impossible to pick just one. They are all special to me!

Any tips on recreating red-carpet looks at home? Get a friend to help? Give up and go to a salon?

It’s always hard to try and re-create a red carpet look on your own at home. I would recommend to go to a salon and watch how your stylist does it and ask for tips on how you can achieve a similar look at home. It’s also important to make sure you have the right tools and products to achieve your look.

Why is hair so important?

Hair is so personal to everyone – it can enhance your personality. It is also the one accessory you never take off.

Image: Instagram/@Marieuva – model Victoria Lee


How do we get our hair into top condition?

Regular haircuts and haircare for home to maintain condition e.g. shampoo, conditioner and treatments. One of my favourite products to maintain the condition of my hair at the moment is the Wellaplex No. 3 Hair Stabilizer Treatment and the Fusion Range in Wella.

How do we find a stylist we can trust?

Through referrals and word of mouth.

What cut do you never want to see again?

The Rachel from Friends courtesy of Jennifer Aniston.

The Rachel – Never to be seen again please. Image: ABC.

What style do you think more women should consider?

Bangs – it changes the shape of the haircut whilst maintaining length

The hair tools you think ALL women should own?

GHD curve tongs! My favourite!

The one thing we should NEVER do to our hair?

Push the limits of your colour, in terms of compromising your hairs condition.

The one thing we should ALWAYS do for our hair?

Use a heat protector and treatments, have regular hair trims, and embrace your hairs natural texture.

What style do you see us opting for this spring/summer?


And on that, what colour?

Colours that enhance texture but keep it looking natural.

And finally, can you give me three hair styling tips that you use yourself?

– Embracing the natural curl/waves using product to enhance and encourage movement in the hair.

– Scrunching product into my natural hair.

– Working with natural curl – tonging some sections but less is more, leave sections of natural texture.

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