"I tried the facial celebrities swear by and this is what happened"

Book me in for another please and immediately!

Actresses, newsreaders, models and it girls. They all share this one thing - perfect, glowing, glass-like skin.

You know what I'm talking about ... that impossibly smooth, even-toned, dewy fresh complexion that us regular folk only dream about. Well, speaking for myself anyway.

I would LOVE skin like that. LOVE IT. So much so that when I caught up for coffee with a GF recently it was pretty much all I could talk about. I'll be frank. I was a punish. A least I was until that GF oh-so-casually let me in on a magical skincare secret.

Marta Dusseldorp

Actress Marta Dusseldorp is a fan of Dr Spiller skincare. And clearly it's working for her. LOOK at that face. Image: Instagram/@Martadusseldorp.


Turns out I could actually have that dreamy skin. All I needed to do was book in for the secret facial that A-Listers get on the regular. You see, that GF of mine just happens to be Sara Dagres, legendary beauty PR girl whose clients include such folk as dentist to the stars Dr Gamer Verdian, Amy Jean Linnehan (yes, Australia's undisputed brow queen) and also, the Dr Spiller skincare range. And as it turns out, Dr Spiller offers a revolutionary facial that pretty much EVERY celebrity in this entire town is getting on the regular.

Obviously I needed to know more. And also to try it. And so Sara (bless her cotton socks) arranged for that to happen. I know - she's an awesome friend!

So I headed off to Face Plus in Sydney's famed Bondi Beach where I met with Dr Spiller skincare guru Sue Dann who explained what the magic facial involved.

"It's called the Power Lifting Peel," said Sue as I made myself comfortable on the super cosy therapy bed.

Natarsha Belling

Gorgeous TV journalist Natarsha Belling. No surprises where that lovely skin comes from. Image: Instagram/@Natarshabelling.


"It's a gentle and supportive treatment that creates brilliant anti-ageing results for all skin types (including the super sensitive," she adds.

I'm kind of listening but mainly focused on my skin and how amazing it's going to be and I zone out a bit. Also, this bed is super comfortable and I like this clinic and also, what were you saying Sue?

"Women all want their complexion to look less ‘tired’ but they no longer want treatments that harm the skin and cause pain," continues Sue.

"They don't have time to suffer acute side effects like redness and peeling. So I have specifically addressed this need with this amazing new treatment, which brightens, tightens and rejuvenates tired skin and feels indulgent and relaxing. It’s luxe meets lasting results!"

Sounds great Sue but let's get this show on the road I say and she does.

Kelly Baker

Oh look it's me! And behind all that hair is some ace skin thanks to Sue Dann and Dr Spiller skincare. Image: Instagram/@The_beautyinsider


The facial is gentle and relaxing. Sue works her magic and about an hour later we're done.

I'm a little disappointed. That can't possibly have achieved anything. There was a weird kind of roller thing - I think - I had my eyes closed but it didn't even sting! What the actual? I have been duped. And I make a mental note to call Sara immediately. But then Sue hands me a mirror and I'll be damned. My skin is freaking incredible!

It's smooth and toned and celebrity-level fresh.

I still don't know exactly how she did it but I am sold. I straight up hug Sue when I leave and tell her I will see her soon. And I will. And my skin will be all the better for it.

If you fancy a celebrity-smooth, glass-like complexion check this facial out. It works. Pure and simple.

Dr Spiller Power Lifting Peel takes roughly 60 minutes and costs $280. Kelly Baker had hers at Face Plus in Bondi, Sydney. She is now officially an It Girl. Well, not really ... but she has the skin of one!

You can learn more about the Dr Spiller range here.

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