Carissa Walford Changed Her Hair Colour And OMG!

Holy hell – she is F-ing sizzling with her hot new colour.

Image: Instagram/@Carissawalford

Hair colour is everything. We probably don’t need to say that. Not really. The likelihood is that every adult woman in the Western world is across the power of a colour change already. You’re a clever bunch – let’s face it. Still, you may not be aware that there is legitimate research that backs that statement up.

Yes, research, and of the true-blue scientific kind. And it shows that women tend to change their hair colour when they’re at a cross-roads in their life, or feel the need to re-invent. And more importantly, that very same research shows that a colour change actually works. And in very noticeable ways.

For example, a colour change means a whole new chance. A colour change means magic is about to happen. A colour change means new perspective, new chances, new everything. Well, the possibility of anyway. Trust us on that. And if not, us then F – trust science.

Yes, like we say, research shows that a fresh colour provides a feeling of reinvention and also positivity. Fancy a bit of that? We did and do still. And so did model and media personality Carissa Walford. On that …

Carissa has been an ice-cool blonde pretty much ALL of her life. But recently, she decided to mix life (and colour) up by become a redhead. And sorry to be a wee bit graphic – but HECK – she looks AMAZING. Like, deep intake of breath, even though we’re not that way inclined, (well, not officially) AMAZING. Girl looks HOT!

Yes, she always did. But changing her hair colour to red seems to have added a little fire to her personality. Suddenly, Carissa is a whole new person. Just like that. Here, she reveals why she took the colour plunge and also, how it’s working out for her. Hint – it’s working really F-ing well!

Scroll down now to see Carissa as she is used to look – that is, one hot blonde. And then – scroll a little further for colour transformation of epic scale. Are you ready? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. She changed her hair colour – and she is AMAZING. Even more amazing than usual. If that’s possible.




Image: Instagram/@Carissawalford. Not only a blonde but a natural one. Until …


So that’s what she looks like as a blonde. Keep on scrolling to see her as a hot redhead and how that colour has changed her life and boosted her confidence in the most unimaginable of ways.

A change in colour means you can …

Reinvent! I’ve always used hair as a tool for self-expression and change, which I wanted to highlight in the Schwarzkopf campaign film WHEN. The film draws inspiration from pinnacle moments in women’s lives, and how we express personal growth through our environment, attitude and style.

I never expected that this change would make me feel …

A boost of confidence. I’m a huge believer in feeling confidence from within – but I really love how red hair looks on me. I used #43 Red Passion from the Brilliance Collection and love how it brings out the green in my eyes and adds some warmth to my complexion… I just wish I’d tried it sooner!


Excuse me … but who knew that Carissa W could look even more amazing? Not me, but it turns out she can. Damn girl. Image: Steven Chee for Schwarzkopf.


I did think it would give me a feeling of …

Empowerment. I turned 30 this year, and I made the decision to only pursue projects that artruly authentic to me. I changed my outlook – which included culling my social media to make sure I was only following people who shared similar values to me – and this change was a little infectious. I was ready for something new, so when Schwarzkopf approached me to discuss a hair transformation and a creative partnership to produce their campaign film, I
was absolutely delighted. The red definitely makes a statement!

My fave colour of all time is …

I love rich, warm colours… burnt orange, copper, bronze, red, burgundy. I’ve always loved using this colour palette in my makeup, so it was only a matter of time before I tried it in my hair!


Holy moly. The red-haired Carissa is possibly even more hot than the blonde version – if that’s possible. I’m going to need that colour myself and er, ASAP please. Image: Steven Chee.


I think women’s hair can be …

Anything you want it to be. Hair is very personal, which is why I love the #CreateYourStyle campaign. I wanted to inspire people to take control of their own unique style and colour and stay authentic to themselves.

And can make them feel …

Colour can make you feel like a completely new person in a matter of minutes. I love that you can grab a box of hair colour on a whim and completely transform 20 minutes later. Expressive beauty, whether you’re using hair colour or makeup, is usually an extension of your personality, or a reflection of a
moment in your life. When I look back at pictures from my brunette days, or when I went pastel pink, I can remember exactly where I was and who I was at that particular moment. That’s the power of colour.

Beautiful hair is hair that …

Makes you feel authentically you. No matter the colour, texture, length and style… whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful in that moment is key.

I love my hair most when it’s …

This honestly depends on my mood and outfit! I like experimenting with different styles – sometimes I love my hair off my face in a messy up-do or slicked back. I’d describe my style as modern and structural, so I usually gravitate towards choppy, textured locks… you can’t beat a good texturizing spray! I’ve been using the Schwarzkopf GOT2BE Texturizing Salt Spray on wet hair and letting it partially dry in a twisted bun to enhance my natural texture.


Image: Instagram/@Carissawalford – look, it’s not just the colour of her hair that makes her beautiful. That’s obvious. But the red suits – no doubt.


Top three hair care tips …

If you colour your hair regularly, use care products designed to enhance colour vibrancy and maintain hair health. The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Colour Protect range works wonders and their Express Repair Conditioner is the perfect, low maintenance
product to use on dry or wet hair.

To prolong colour vibrancy, use a dry shampoo like the Schwarzkopf GOT2BE Volume Dry Shampoo to extend time in between washes. It’s also perfect for creating some extra grip and texture if you want to wear your hair up!

Try to limit using heat styling tools – but when you do use them, ALWAYS use a heat protecting spray! The Schwarzkopf GOT2BE Guardian Angel 220C Heat Protection Spray can protect the hair up to 220ºC which is perfect for photoshoot and red carpet prep.



Top three general tips on how to feel beautiful …

Experiment with new looks – beauty is multi-dimensional, so take the time to learn what looks best on you by switching up your style and enhancing your favourite features. What looks good on someone else might not be your cup of tea, but you don’t know until you try! For hair colour, use your skin tone, eye colour and the colours you love wearing as a guide.

Positivity! Your attitude radiates outward and happy people are the most beautiful.

Confidence is everything. Being self-assured, comfortable in your own skin and believing in yourself allows you to take control of your own style and image. Beauty is something that lives within you and once you take ownership of this, the sky is your limit.

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