Business Success Tips And Tricks From Beauty Biz CEO Simon Heyrick

Because business can be tricky and we need as much help as we can get.

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Business guru Simon Heyrick is the CEO of Soothe – a beauty app that sees folk like us able to book massage therapists to come to our homes and work their magic. These days, that doesn’t seem that extraordinary. But until recently no business operated in this way. None. And certainly not the massage business.

If we wanted a massage we had to book it via the phone and then, head into the massage therapist’s business space. But those days are gone. Now, online apps such as Soothe mean that the massage business, indeed the beauty business on the whole, works in an entirely different and much better way.

Today, we can simply hop online, use the app, and schedule a massage therapist to come to our home when it suits us. We love that. But back to the topic at hand. Soothe. And Simon. And business. We wanted business success advice and so we asked for some. And this is what the very clever clogs Simon had to say. If you’re keen to get your business up and running, or better still, turn it into a smash-hit success, get your pencil ready. You’re going to want to make some notes.

Image: Instagram/@Soothe.


You had the courage to actually chase your dreams because …

I joined Soothe as CFO in 2016 because I believed there was a massive opportunity in the market, that the massage industry needed to change. I wanted to make it more available to many more people, who could benefit from it.

Today you look at everything you have done and think …

I am satisfied that I have made a difference to the way people regard massage. Self-care has become so important in our busy lives, where stress is often the default mode. Massage gives instant health benefits, is a proven therapy to release stress and is becoming increasingly a part of many people’s weekly routine. A report from the National Institute of Health found massage can relief stress by up to 85%. It’s also been found to reduce job anxiety by 28%. Soothe has facilitated this, delivering massage to people, when and where they want it.

You’d very much like to down the track achieve what?

I’d like to feel that we have helped achieve business and industry respect and a certain degree of freedom for our therapists. Traditionally they have been remunerated unfairly for the long hours they work, with Soothe we are giving massage therapists additional choices. I hope we can disrupt the industry in this way.

Three tips on how to make your day a productive one?

Make to-do lists, try to get exercise and be sure to get a regular massage!

Three tips on how to feel confident and believe in you! (These can all be brief by the way)

I like to make targets each year, each quarter and each week. Everyday, I take a moment to consider how i’m doing against these targets. Oftentimes the annual target seems insurmountable but when I’m able to break it into smaller chunks, it becomes a little bit easier.


Image: Instagram/@Soothe.


Any advice on time management?

I’m focused on the day-to-day stuff. I like to make to do lists everyday and make sure there’s time in my calendar everyday to have time at my desk managing and delegating. Since stepping up to be CEO earlier this year I’ve had to really push myself to delegate responsibility to our excellent leadership team.

Also, taming email?

Don’t let your inbox be your to do list. I often let my inbox drive my work and that’s a mistake. I find i’m much more productive when I’m not basing my work on the emails that are in my inbox. This is easier said than done!

Do you use a diary – specific apps? If yes – please detail …

Soothe is on the google suite of email, docs and calendar, and all my meetings are organised on google calendar.

The world of tech is exciting because …

From my perspective, we’re a relatively small company in Los Angeles and we’ve over 11,000 massage therapists on our platform. We’re in 60 cities across four different countries and we’re only five years old. I find it fascinating that we create whole new markets with an app on people’s phone.

Your average day looks like …

Lots of meetings, conversations with business partners, and our team, like to have breakfast with my family before I set off for the office and to be home for dinner time and put my daughter to bed.


Image: Instagram/@Soothe.


What can a mentor provide do you think?

I’ve always found it helpful to have a mentor through my career, someone not involved in the day who deeply understands my strengths and areas for improvement. I think a mentor can grasp situations from a more macro perspective, and guide people through them.

How do we know what to look for? But I’m not certain how to choose the right mentor? Tips?

Someone you’ve worked with in the past, perhaps. Or even someone you look up to, someone who themselves are confident and secure in their career, and someone who you trust you can share confidential matters with.

And on that can you give us a brief rundown of your own career trajectory?

I graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor’s in Commerce and Accounting. I was lucky enough to be selected for an international placement at KPMG Los Angeles, in the US. This formed the basis of my corporate career in the US.

I then moved to Indymac Bank as Senior Vice President and on to Green Dot Banking as CAO. After a couple of years as CFO with Marketshare, I decided to move into another industry and joined Soothe in 2016 where I was the CFO before becoming CEO this year, 2017.

It’s hard because it’s broad but can you possibly provide three tips that ambitious folk should consider if they want to be successful (whatever that may look like to them)?

• Make lists
• Be consistent
• Be good to those around you.

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