Brooklyn Decker Shares Bare-Faced Selfie And We’re So Here For It

The model gets bare-faced and real and we LOVE every second

Image: Instagram/@Brooklyndecker

Model Brookyln Decker is a true beauty. And that holds true whether she’s bare-faced or fully made up as we recently discovered when she shared the following AMAZING images. You ready for it?

On the left is Brooklyn 100 per cent bare-faced – not one skerrick of makeup on her beautiful face. On the right hand side is Brooklyn with a face of makeup. Beautiful in both cases but completely different. Like, 100 per cent. Heck – 1000 per cent if there could be such a thing.


Image: Instagram/@Brooklyndecker

The super cool thing about these images of course is the raw, real, undeniable honesty. Here’s a woman whose looks are her livelihood. She’s not only starred in the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – she’s landed the cover and we can’t say we’re surprised frankly – after all, the model (and occasional actress) is one hell of a beauty.
The 30-year-old, who is married to tennis star Andy Roddick, is incredible – pure and simple.
Despite her glamorous looks, however, Brooklyn is more than happy to keep it real and we LOVE her for it as do her many followers. More of this please famous beautiful women. We love to see you without makeup – bare-face is beautiful – as are you.

Sure, as you explained in the post that was attached to this image, you were having a rough day. You probably normally look better. But hell, we ALL have rough days. Damn it – I’m having one right now! So it’s so awesome to see you, despite your fame, your beauty, your glamorous, astonishing life, experience the same.

When we get to see you this way it makes us all feel good. And there’s power in that – plenty of it. And like we said, we’re so here for that.


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