British Designer Clio Peppiatt 3ina Makeup Is Here And It’s Magical

A little bit magic and a whole lot cool – it’s 3ina by Clio P

Image: Instagram/@Cliopeppiatt

London-based designer Clio Peppiatt launched her label in 2015 and very quickly took the world by storm – now there’s her 3ina collab. But first, let’s talk Clio herself and also, her fashion line. Since launching, Clio’s daring, cool and seriously edgy pieces have been seen on on actresses, models and it girls including Kylie Jenner, Lena Dunham and Adwoa Aboah. Heck – even Lady Gaga has been spotted in Clio’s original designs.

Now, the designer has teamed up with makeup line 3ina to bring you the Just For Fun range. Her fashion is about fun. It’s fearless, female and ferocious too. And her 3ina makeup line has all the same attributes. So how did it come about? Pretty much like this really …

“The group behind 3ina approached me about a 3ina Just For Fun collaboration and I jumped at the chance,” says Clio, a long-time fan.

“Designing a makeup range is such a dream come true.”


Designs that are cool – like really cool – such as these clutches. Image: Instagram/@Cliopeppiatt



And this particular range is not just dreamy – it’s straight-up magic, with shimmery highlighters, easy to use liners that last and last and pretty pastel eyeshadows that look good on everyone. Like to learn more? Then here it is … A little makeup talk with Clio herself, plus some damn good career advice.

Where did you find inspiration for the 3Ina Just For Fun range?
The Just For Fun collection looked to the 90’s and early 00’s beauty trends for inspiration. It was the period I grew up in, and the time that I really fell in love with beauty.


How did you come up with the name Just For Fun?
It was all about capturing that playful, fresh attitude of the time.

What attracted you to the 3ina brand?
I love the quality of the products, and the fact they’re completely cruelty free. For me it’s one of the few makeup brands that really supports diversity through their campaigns so that’s really refreshing.


Clio is a talented and much respected designer – and worldwide too. Image: Instagram/@Cliopeppiatt


What’s your favourite product from the new 3ina collection?
The 2 in 1 eyeliner – the paddle shape means you can create different shapes really simply. Having said that I also use the highlighter every day now! It’s really pretty and gives an amazing boost of glow.

What other 3ina hero products do you adore?
All of the Longwear lipsticks are incredible. There’s literally a colour for every occasion.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received and who was it from?
Marking out my eyeliner with a little dot at the end of the flick before drawing in – it’s the only way I manage to get both eyes symmetrical! Life changing advice from my mum.

What does your everyday makeup routine look like?
I don’t wear foundation but a bit of concealer, bronzer and high lighter. I love brushed up brows, a little liquid eyeliner, lots of mascara and highlighter and moisturising lip balm normally with a bit of colour to it. It’s reasonably simple but does the job!

What beauty trends are you loving at the moment? 
The revival of glitter! And the move away from heavy contouring to natural glowing skin – thank god!

What advice would you give young girls wanting to make it creatively in the fashion and beauty industry?
To take the time to find your voice and a point of view that only you will have. Research in books, magazines and online and know exactly what you like and what you’re rooted in. It means whatever you do it will always ring true.


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