Best Ever Beauty Apps: Plus The Aussie Woman Who Launched Her Own

Beauty apps are here – might as well download the very best ones

Image: Instagram/@Prettypronto

Beauty apps used to be a crazy, futuristic idea. We’re talking like, Star Trek. Honestly. Only a few years back the idea of skipping the salon and instead, hitting up our phones, downloading a beauty app or three and having our treatments in our living rooms was a truly mind-blowing concept.

But today, beauty apps are becoming increasingly common and also – increasingly popular. And it’s easy to see why. Beauty apps mean you’re in control. You get to choose who will carry out the beauty treatment you want, when you want it and, best of all, you have it in the privacy of your own home. It’s convenience like never before and also – considerably less expensive than hitting the salon. No wonder we’re loving them so.

There are a number of beauty apps available in this country. At the bottom of this article, we list several of our current favourites.

But, our all-time, number one favourite? Well, that’s Pretty Pronto, the creation of Perth mama Louise Walker. We love Pretty Pronto – but more importantly, we love Louise. Here’s a woman who spotted a gap in the market and instead of just  yelling about it to anyone who would listen – Louise did something about it. And something GOOD.

So when we decided we wanted to have a better understanding of how beauty apps work and why we went to Louise immediately. And we hit her with some hard Qs. Here’s what she had to say …

Image: Instagram/@Prettypronto


A little history about yourself … as a kid were you interested in hair and beauty etc and if so what sparked your interest when it really kicked in?

Being the youngest of six kids and born to a conservative family, where girls were encouraged to do girl things and the boys were to tread a respectable masculine path, the outline of life was roughly sketched out for myself and my older siblings. We were to mind our manners, not be too distracted by life’s superficial details, secure a good stable 9-5, find a partner and continue the cycle of life.

For the most part, we’ve all put our best foot forward in life and whilst scribbling outside the lines was bound to happen throughout the years, all six kids have managed to somehow maintain secure and typical middle class lifestyles.

In my family, typical is the key to a good life. Anything outside of common ground and a regular weekly pay check is something to approach with great caution or, better yet, not approach at all.

“Teaching is a very good career choice, it’s so secure. Why don’t you study teaching?” I still hear to this day, despite having no desire to trade my Bachelor of Exercise and Health Science in for a career in Education. Despite the fact that I am very proud of my efforts to educate myself and carve out a career in the health industry, I knew I was pushing against the grain. A degree was safe, typical, me however, who was I? And what was in me that kept calling me to think outside the box?

One of my earliest memories is running out the front gate of our family home when I was about five years old and clambering into the 8-seater Land Cruiser. A couple of my sisters shuffled aside to then launch me into the very back where I’d sit stuffed between my two brothers. It was this particular morning where it took mere seconds for the entire car load of kids to turn to their youngest sibling and with side-splitting laughter acknowledge the rose pink lipstick brightly highlighting my lips and one of my front teeth.

Despite the humiliation and then the frustration (I was told to remove the colour from my lips immediately), the several minutes prior were heaven. My first attempt at wearing makeup was worth the teasing.

Image: Instagram/@Pretty pronto


From that realisation you did what … 

To this day, I still love makeup, fashion and most things that sparkle. When I die, I want to be buried in bag, preferably not a plastic garbage bag, more like a monogram style bag with the letters LV patterned into the leather. Have you ever heard that saying, “I need to be successful because I like nice things”? Yeah that’s me, but most importantly, I need to be successful. I don’t want to live off someone else’s efforts, I want the challenge. I want to do the work, I want my own success.

So here I am, I have experienced safe and predictable and finally after placing my career on hold to raise my two boys, I finally feel I’m not turning away from that natural grain within me.
Entrepreneurial territory is rather scary and though the challenge is incredible satisfying, it’s no easy ride and certainly not for everyone. However my sense of ingenuity, creativity and taste for a challenge has me stepping outside of typical and into a space I feel was always more me.

Today you are … 

To date, I’m a full-time mother and in the thick of cultivating my business. Every day has its challenges in business and the to do list is constantly growing. However daily goals are key to moving in the right direction and then setting weekly and monthly goals ensure that you’re always moving forward. I’m busy, I need a clone, though really we’re all busy in our own right aren’t we.

Image: Instagram/@Prettypronto


How did the app itself come about?

It was an afternoon when my husband came home for a couple of hours before leaving for another engagement and this meant some unexpected spare time on my hands.

Pre-baby I had always loved regular visits to the hair salon though like a many parents, much of my former self had been put to the back burner.  It was with the promise of a two hour reprieve that I wasted little time in Google searching and making phone call after phone call. In reality however, my two-hour window of opportunity was soon completely wasted, one call at a time. Then, my husband hurried out the door once again as my dry ends continued to taunt me.

Soon after as I paced the lounge room soothing a crying baby, the cogs in my mind ticked over and over. I knew there needed to be an easier way for time-strapped individuals to make their beauty maintenance appointments. Everyday people were finding accommodation, driving services and even a hot date, why wasn’t it just as easy to find a hairdresser or day spa? These thoughts were the conception of my beauty app Pretty Pronto. There was a gaping hole in the market and I was going to fill it.

There are so many apps on the market already. Why launch another?

Everyday thousands of apps are submitted to the iTunes store and it’s less than 3% of those created that actually have some level of success. With this knowledge why would I run the risk of having my brand lost to the iTunes graveyard? The answer for me was relatively simple, it was personal. I needed this app and so do thousands of other time-poor parents and professionals.

Image: Instagram/@Pretty pronto


How do we pick one app from another? Why yours?

For a user, need is key to choosing an app. Whether it be the need to play Candy Crush, the need to book accommodation or the need to maintain one’s self.

In today’s modern era, longevity is attributed to staying current, to not getting left behind and Pretty Pronto is updating the way the hair/beauty industry connects and maintains their relationship with clients. The way we book a hair appointment hasn’t developed into the tech age until now and this app gives not only service providers further reach, but gives customers a simpler and far more convenient option in the palm of their hand.

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