A Beauty Lover's Look At The Year That Was

Bold looks, crazy hair and lips for days ... it's all here.

A brand new year is almost upon us and who knows what it will bring. All good things no doubt.

Don't question us now - we have decided! The year of 2019 is going to be one of joy and friendship, understanding politics, listening and compromise. Seriously. It will.

On a much lighter note it will also be a year of bold beauty breakthroughs, inspirational trends and mind-blowing makeup looks.

Before we move into 2019 however, it's time to take a quick look back at 2018 - the year that was ... so let's do it shall we?


Image: Instagram/@Badgalriri

Beauty was bright. Beauty was bold. Especially when it came to lip colour as demonstrated by Rihanna above. Rihanna's epic FENTY beauty was a smash-hit success and its astonishing range of lip shapes were on its bestselling items.

Her amazing foundations, which came in shades for ALL HUMANS, were also selling like hot-cakes. And we're so here for that.


Image: Instagram/@Beyonce


Beyonce made history by being the first black woman EVER to open the infamous music festival Coachella. Her fans instantly dubbed the event Beychella and it was easy to see why. Girl OWNED the show. When it comes to beauty she owned that too.

Her hair was long, loose and natural. Eyes were subtle and her mouth - steely and strong! Oh, and coated in a neutral shade that we'd kill to own. Know what it was? Call us! PLEASE.

Prince William Kate Middleton

Image: Instagram/@Kensingtonpalace


It was also the year during which we welcomed a new royal to the fold. Prince William and Kate Middleton became parents for the third time over when baby Louis was born in April.

They were snapped on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital a mere eight hours after the birth and Kate looked astonishingly lovely.

To mark the occasion she toned down her traditional smoky eyes, opting instead for a more neutral caramel, wore a rosy shade of lipstick and let her new mama glow take care of the rest. Swoon.

Speaking of royals and royal beauty looks - there was the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and boy what a wedding it was.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Image: Instagram/@Kensingtonpalace.


Meghan was positively heavenly and her beauty look the same.

The former Hollywood actress allowed her natural skin to shine through, freckles and all and it was heaven. She wore a nude lipstick and a subtle smokey effect to her eyes and lashes, lashes, lashes.

It was a look we loved throughout 2018 - a year that encouraged us to celebrate our own natural beauty and to highlight our features whatever they may be. Freckles are in! Those who have them let them show. Those who weren't blessed with these darling beauty spots had them tattooed on. We kid you not! This was actually happening.

No matter. Natural or no. Freckles came back! And we thank you, Duchess Meghan, for that.

Ariana Grande brought us the genie super high ponytail and the killer cat eye and we loved it.

Ariana Grande

Image: Instagram/@Arianagrande


She also brought us the short and sharp engagement which hurt our hearts. But if she and Pete are happier apart then so are we.

There was platinum blonde from Lady GaGa and Gwen Stefani too.

The short, short crop from Kirsten Stewart and the long, long sexy blonde from Rosy Huntington Whiteley.

Kendall opted for a 'lob'. Although it was brief. Her extensions were back within days. Her sister Kylie added white, blonde extensions and Kim - well, she wore a lot of different looks and all of them were epic.

Kim Kardashian

Image: Instgram/@Kimkardashian.


Bottom line - 2018 was about empowerment, or so it seems.

It was the year that we looked in the mirror and decided to love what we saw and also, make the most of it. It was also the year we did whatever the hell we wanted beauty wise.

Beauty rules? No thank you!

This was the year we kicked those to the curb and set about celebrating ourselves.

And if there's one thing we hope to take into 2019 it's that.

Love you! Wear what you want. Be who you want. Rock that lip. Flaunt that cut.

If it appeals to you then that is all that matters. And if you want to be inspired by a vast array of other women doing exactly that - owning their looks and celebrating themselves that is  - then stay right here with us here at The Beauty Insider.

Our new year is going to be ALL about that. And then some!




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