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Because someone has to be honest about this stuff

Unsponsored. Completely. It’s a big call. We know that. But it is. And we don’t know of any other beauty ‘best of lists’ that are unsponsored. It’s a sad reality though. Beauty houses pay big bucks to be included on lists such as these. But on this occasion that simply did not happen. Yes, we accept money for advertising. Yes, we work with beauty houses in various collaborations. And yes, we host sponsored content. But we ALWAYS declare it. So on this occasion we’re declaring this – Our Top 10 is completely unsponsored and unbiased. It’s simply stuff we honestly believe is worth your coin. Pinky promise.

So now we’ve made that whole unsponsored business crystal clear let’s get down to business. Click here and you’ll get to see the beauty buys that we think are the BEST things going this month.

As usual, we have tried and tested a heck-load of beauty stuff this past month. That’s why we’re in prime position to declare what’s worth looking at and, conversely, what to avoid at all costs. So without further ado here it is The Beauty Insider’s Official Top 10. Our list of the best new products on counter right this very second.


We don’t mean to bang on. But again NOT ONE of the beauty houses behind these products has paid to be included on this list. It is 100 per cent independently reviewed by us – end of story.

And if you happen to have stumbled across a product you simply adore yell! We love a new discovery. XX

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