Aussies Spend Major Money On Beauty – Guess Who Spends Most?

But the folk who are splashing the most cash might surprise you

Image: Instagram/@Sebastian.pannek

Australians are shelling out massive money in order to look as beautiful as possible. And when we say massive we mean MASSIVE. How massive exactly? A whopping $22 billion a year, but one state splashes considerably more cash than the rest of the country. That state – Queensland.

New research from financial comparison site shows that Queenslanders have a per capita spend of $989 annually, compared with the average Tasmanian who spends just $451 per year on their appearance.

“Our research shows Aussies are paying a high price to look good, with the total spend on the likes of skincare, makeup and manicures exceeding the amount we spend on household energy,” says Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.

And as if that wasn’t mind-blowing enough this next handy (you’ll get that joke in just a moment) little fact might take you by surprise.

“The biggest surprise was that 16 per cent of blokes spend money on manicures and pedicures, putting the ‘man’ in manicure with a $736 million annual spend. Women are still spending more on their nails though, at $1.3 billion a year.


Image: Instagram/@dean.stannard


It seems the metrosexual is alive and well with roughly 16 per cent of men also spending money on makeup. Yes. Makeup. However, men are less likely to spend big with only 6 per cent of men spending more than $400 on makeup each year compared with one in five women.

Professional hair colouring had the biggest slice of the cosmetics spending pie with a $3.5 billion annual cost, followed by skincare products on which we spent a staggering $2.9 billion. Did you get that? Yes – $2.9 BILLION. That’s big money in anyone’s book.

Men’s grooming was the third biggest category, costing a collective $2.1 billion annually, despite the fact that two in five men said they didn’t spend on shaving or beard trimming.

“While Queensland blokes spend the most on their maintenance, Tassie has the lowest spend on men’s grooming, perhaps maintaining a hirsute appearance to stay warm through the winter,” says Kirsty.


Image: Instagram/@Weworewhat


Gen Y men were the most meticulous males with one in five spending $480 per year on looking good. Men in the 65 plus bracket spent the least on looking good. Have they given up? Or have they just hit a point where they’re comfortable with their handsome silver fox style? hard to say.

According to Mozo, young people are significantly more likely to spend money on their appearance than older Australians across most categories. For example, nearly a quarter of 25 to 34 year olds spend around $600 annually on professional hair colouring compared with just over one in 10 over 55s.

How much do you spend on looking good? Hop onto our Facebook page and let us know. Maybe we’ll even be able to send you a prize or three. And hey – free stuff is awesome plus, it might help bring that beauty budget down a buck or two.

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