A Disastrous Haircut Left Her In Tears But Then This Happened …

A terrible experience that turned out to be the best thing ever

Image: Instagram/@Breerubinhair

Simone Abaron was sitting in the hair salon trying not to cry.

Her gorgeous, long hair was in ragged clumps on the floor around her feet and Simone was sporting locks that didn’t quite reach her shoulders. As far as she was concerned, her hair was short. Seriously short. Too short. Way short. And she was devastated.

It wasn’t strictly the salon’s fault.

Simone had long been obsessed with her long, beautiful strands and over the years she had experimented on them with little thought. There had been plenty of different styles and looks and countless salon visits. Simone was all about her hair and in the past her bold, brave moves had paid off.

But not this time. On this occasion her passion for hair risk-taking and style adventure had gone horribly wrong.

“I’d had been using permanent Japanese hair straightening and tinting my hair a couple of shades darker than my natural colour when I decided that my style needed a bit of an overhaul,” Simone explains.

“I thought I would experiment with Balayage.”

It was a fatal mistake.

“As any good hair dresser will tell you, Japanese hair straightening weakens your hair, and combining this with bleach is a disaster waiting to happen,” recalls Simone.

“My hair snapped and I had to cut my beautiful long hair above my shoulders.”

But here is where the story gets kind of magical. That fatal mistake lead Simone to make a decision that changed her life completely.


Image: Instagram/@Apotecaribioactivehealthcare


“I came home from the salon in tears but was determined to fix this mess,” she recalls.

“I was confident that if anyone could use nutritional and herbal medicine to promote amazing hair, it would be me.”

Why so confident? You see, Simone is a fully-qualified naturopath. In fact, she has a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy, and an advanced diploma in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. And so, natural remedies were what she went searching for.

“I spent the next few years down a rabbit warren – I researched hair and popular hair styling techniques until no stone was left unturned and even went on to study Trichology (the science of the hair and scalp),” says Simone.

“This was only ever intended to be a personal research project so that I could fix my own hair woes, but the better my hair was looking and the more I spoke to women and men with hair issues, the more I realised that I couldn’t keep my discoveries to myself. And here we are.”

And when she says that what she means is she launched her very own range of all-natural hair supplements – apotecari.

So, here we are indeed … And now, a little more information about how we too can get gorgeous hair just like Simone Abaron’s shiny, bouncy locks plus, some genuinely awesome style and beauty tips from the woman  herself.

Apotecari’s Mane Event, $54.95, could be the supplement that restores your dry, brittle, damaged hair. And there’s plenty more supplements where this one came from.

How do we pick a quality supplement like yours from a possibly shady one?

First things first, go Australian Made and look for the AUST L number on the front of the bottle. Believe it or not, Australia’s regulatory and quality assurance policies are considered to be amongst the most rigorous in the world. With the AUST L number and Australian made marking, you can be more confident that the product is one that is good quality and will do what the label says it will do. Also keep a look out for brands who are experts in their field rather than those trying to be too many things to too many people- more products in the range isn’t necessarily a good thing because it can dilute the brand’s focus and expertise.

Do we really need supplements – can’t we just eat well?

There is no doubt that we need to consume key nutrients for the maintenance of health and wellness, including healthy hair, which is why the Australian Government has set guidelines for the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. A recent survey undertaken by the Australian government, found that many Australians are not meeting the required daily intake for some of the key nutrients required to be healthy, and that includes people who think they eat well.


Image: Supplied – Simone Abaron. This is Simone’s bedside table. Clearly she takes this wellness business seriously.


Clearly in today’s society, achieving a well-balanced diet isn’t always easy and this is where supplements come into play. Whilst supplements should not replace a balanced diet, they are an excellent way of boosting your nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. As far as targeted hair supplements go, if you have a concern about your hair and think your diet could be better, supplements could be the answer your looking for.

Can you give me three beauty tips you use yourself?

Your beauty therapist and hair stylist MUST be your confidant and go-to. They probably already know everything about your marriage, job, home life, family life, friends and sex life, but they need to know EVERYTHING about your hair and beauty regime too. This means that you need to tell them when you have used supermarket box colour, shampoos and conditioners, when you cut your bangs yourself and even when you have strayed and gone to a different salon. Best to fess up because they will figure it out soon enough! And for goodness sake they are the experts so listen to them!

Steer clear of nasties in your skin and hair care products. If it’s not safe to eat, don’t let it anywhere near your skin and hair.

The age old adage that beauty comes from within is not an old wives tale. I don’t personally believe that you can achieve truly healthy hair or skin without marrying the internal with the external. External products like serums, moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliants, hair treatments, sprays, shampoos, and conditioners etc etc can only help so much, but if you aren’t consuming enough of the nutrients that form the foundations of the hair and skin structures your efforts are being wasted. At the same time, taking supplements are excellent, but if you use external products that aren’t suited to your hair and skin or even worse damage the hair and skin, supplements won’t get you very far.


Image supplied – Simone Abaron. And yes, it’s a snap of her bathroom.  Peaceful yes?


And while we’re here – three style tips …

Stay true to your own style and personality. Love her of hate her Kim Kardashian is a style icon because she is unapologetically herself.

Social Media is a true blessing in the style department. There are so many incredible accounts and blogs that can help you to refine your style- take notice and experiment!

Take inspiration from everywhere you go. Whether you’re on a bush walk and admiring the flowers, trees, rocks and sun, or out and about, look for the beauty in everything you see and draw on it to create your own natural style.

What style of makeup do you most love?

Even though I was enshrined into the world of hair and make up with blue eyeshadow and crimped hair, my look these days is super natural. For my daily look, I use mineral makeup and create a really fresh base with a little contouring, a lick of mascara, biofermented coconut lip balm, and that’s it! On nights out I spend a little more time on my eyes, but still tend to keep it quite natural.

What beauty + health products do you swear by …

I’m all about low-tox beauty, so I use Christophe Robin shampoo, conditioner and treatments, Jane Iredale mineral make up, The Beauty Chef products for smoothies, and a mix of personalized cleansers, serums and moisturisers which my beauty therapist makes for me. Supplement- wise of course I take all 3 apotecari products as well as a good women’s multivitamin, magnesium, and plant-based omegas. I style my hair with some protecting serum, my Dyson blow drier and a Christophe Robin round wild boar hair brush- you wouldn’t believe how shiny my hair is!

Finally, please finish this sentence. You love the world of beauty because …

It gives women (and increasingly men) the opportunity and confidence to highlight the best of themselves.

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