This Lash Curling Tip Will Change Your Life – And Your Lashes

This simple trick will give you lashes for days

Image: Instagram/@Extraordinarylifemua

Maybe you know how to use an eyelash curler, but you’re still going to love this curling tip.

It is so simple and yet – we’d never heard of it, let alone tried it out.

But once we stumbled across it did and damn if it it’s not magical.

On top of being magical, it is also dead easy. Win win.


Image: Instagram/@Extraordinarylifemua

It was shared by a very clever beauty (who also happens to be a pro makeup artist) and it goes like this.

Used eyelash curler to pinch at the base of lashes. Hold tightly and rotate hand upwards (gently mind you).

Then, (and this is the SUPER clever part) turn the eyelash curler upside down and repeat.

And what do you have? Gorgeous, seriously beautiful lashes that curl up and out and stay that way.


NB: This MUA likes the Shiseido Eyelash Curler, $20. There’s plenty out there that work beautifully though.

Our favourite is Kevyn Aucoin’s version, $30. If you have a favourite – or a lash curling tip – let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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